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The Pillcrushers - The Pillcrushers
(No label)

A tale of two bands. This New York four-piece’s debut EP brings to mind Marshall Crenshaw, Crowded House, Difford & Tilbrook, and Aimee Mann—there are echoes of her "I Should’ve Known" in the lead track "Is It True." But that’s only half the story, as three-fourths of this ace group led by Greg Beshers also plays around the city as the more Stonesy combo Crookston, fronted by ex-Honeydog Tommy Borscheid, who plays guitar and sings here as well. On disc, The Pillcrushers offer pop sprung from all the right points of reference, whilst steering clear of cliché. In other words, you haven’t heard these songs before. Talent-wise, an embarrassment of riches. address: The_Pillcrushers@hotmail.com