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Joe Jackson - Night And Day II / Summer In The City
(Sony Classical)

For some reason, new wave/pub rock icon Joe Jackson had the hubris to unleash something called Night And Day II in late 2000. Though hardly an unmitigated failure, this second song cycle of city portraits by Mr. Jackson is badly hampered by unfortunate production and drum programming sounds that donít do right by these songs, most of which arenít inherently bad.

Far better is Summer In The City, a magical recording of Jackoís 1999 New York trio shows where his own "Another World" and "One More Time" were reborn alongside gorgeous covers ranging from The Beatles ("Eleanor Rigby") to Steely Dan (would you believe "King Of The World"?). Catch him live, where lately heís been reinventing his own material as well as putting his spin on things like Bowieís "Life On Mars?" and Radioheadís "Karma Police."