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Richard X. Heyman - Basic Glee

In which New York underground pop hero Richard X. Heyman cranks out another effortless gem. The follow-up to 1998ís Cornerstone and the 2000 EP Heyman, Hoosier & Herman is a festival, a carnival, a veritable parade of 14 tuneful turns of phrase and melody. Yeah, maybe itís not reinventing the wheel to channel YesterdayÖAnd Today and Something/Anything? into something new, but itís another thing to execute it all so flawlessly. If you donít drive a convertible, go buy one now so you can blast "Pauline" while you cruise the strip with the top down. Automatic for the power pop people. address: A HREF="http://www.richardxheyman.com" TARGET="_blank">www.richardxheyman.com