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The Brian Jonestown Massacre - Bravery Repetition And Noise
(The Committee To Keep Music Evil/Bomp)

I wish they all could be California punks. The latest offering from the ever-mysterious Anton Newcombe is a droning garage-rock ice cream cone dipped in psychedelic sprinkles. A live presence so shambolic he makes Badly Drawn Boy seem like a model of order and efficiency, Newcombe somehow holds it all together for yet another album of broken dreams and trampled flowers, 1969 style. Strung Out In Heaven, the bandís last full-length, boasted more key individual cuts, and if this album has a great flaw itís that it all washes by a little too homogeneously. Still, "Let Me Stand Next To Your Flower" is a mighty fine Syd Barrett imitation, and there are other tie-dyed echoes throughout, including just a touch of Iron Butterfly. I know, itís only rock and/or roll, but I like it. Call Ďem the MC6. address: Bomp