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VARIOUS - Austin Powers In Goldmember - Music From The Motion Picture
(Maverick/New Line)

Very well. Where do I begin? Musically speaking, Austin Powers jumped the shark the moment Lenny Kravitz went within a country mile of The Guess Who. This time out, Dr. Dre’s Stones remix is shockingly lame, Paul Oakenfold weakly channels Walter Murphy, and the Mike Myers/Matthew Sweet contribution "Daddy Wasn’t There" is about one-tenth as good as their previous effort as Ming Tea, "BBC." A monumental fall from grace, considering that the soundtrack to the first film was a modern mod mini-masterpiece, boasting inspired moments from the oft-overlooked likes of Luxury, Broadcast, and Space, alongside well-chosen covers and vintage originals. This latest installment is likely to induce the sort of general malaise that only the genius possess and the insane lament.