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Crookston - Troublemaker EP
(no label)

Crookston's music is relentlessly catchy and intangibly cool. Few bands can blend '70s-era power pop and glam with Exile-era Stones and come up with such an original sound, but this band does just that. On this EP, ex-Honeydog Tommy Borscheid serves up five strong songs with walloping melodic hooks a la Aimee Mann. It's far too few songs, really, but it's enough to establish the group's presence as New York's foremost progenitors of a retro-reverent rock that only semi-revels in decadence. With any luck, the next CD will include live faves like "It Will Come To Me" and at least one of their many hair-raising covers ("Itchycoo Park," "Just What I Needed, and Thin Lizzy's "Jailbreak," for starters).
address: www.crookstonmusic.com