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The High School Sweethearts - Heels N' Wheels
(Get Hip)

Just take those old records off the shelf--or better yet, don't. The High School Sweethearts go back to the future on their second album. The New Jersey group will draw some comparisons to The Donnas, but this coed combo is far less metal- and arena-influenced than those California girls. Built on guitars, bass, drums, and farfisa (yeah!), the Sweethearts' songs employ abundant melodic gifts and just the right mix of mischief and sincerity on songs like "Cherry Hi-Way" and "Downtown Girl." Hey, those Donnas are entertaining and all, but in some ways their act is a bit of a caricature; this is more convincing. Founding Feelie Dave Weckerman drums on a few tracks. Absolutely fabulous.
address: www.hssweethearts.com