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Misty Roses - Komodo Dragons
(Frog Man Jake)

There she is, your komodo dragon. As rich and textured as a plate of fettucine alfredo, the first album from the transcontinental duo Misty Roses "drifts in divine on clouds of steel," to quote from its own lyrics. An exquisite union of '60s and '70s samples compiled and constructed by Jonny Perl (the Brit) and lyrics written and sung by former Morricone Youth singer Robert Conroy (the not-so-quiet American), the group captures an ultra-hip, swingy retro feel on these nine originals, plus a fab cover of Julian Cope's "Jellypop Perky Jean." Fans of the first Goldfrapp album will go nuts for this. Komodo Dragons is so staggeringly sexy, it threatens to replace that Portishead album as the obligatory hipster make-out CD.
address: www.delicado.org/mistyroses/index.php