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The Isley Brothers - 3+3

Before Ronald Isley sold his soul to R. Kelly and started cruising around with a pimp’s cane in his hand, he actually knew how to r-e-s-p-e-c-t a woman. He also was front and center as he and his brothers reigned supreme in the world of soul. 3+3 was the definitive moment for the brothers, when the three elder Isleys brought their two younger brothers and cousin into the band (hence the math of the title) and created smoove, epoch-defining soul-rock in the process. Though at the peak of their songwriting game with songs like "If You Were There," they scaled their greatest heights by re-recording their forgotten early ‘60s song "That Lady," Christened by Ernie Isley’s most explosive Hendrixian guitar solo ever. In 1973, these guys could do no wrong, taking the most jive material they could find (Jonathan Edwards, Seals & Crofts) and infusing it with coolness. Wanna get laid? Put this on.