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Pernice Brothers - Australia 2002
(Ashmont/Spunk - import)

Must-have import EP with five re-recorded versions of songs from the two Pernice Brothers studio albums, 1998ís Overcome By Happiness and 2001ís The World Wonít End. If you donít already know these songs by heart, explore those two albums, live them, breathe them, make kissy noises on the CDs, and revel in the sheer genius of the best American rock and roll band of the last four years. If you do know these songs, youíll treasure these stripped-down re-takes of modern classics like "Flaming Wreck" and "Bright Side," and in particular the version of "Cronulla Breakdown" that manages to exceed the not insubstantial brilliance of the poignant original. Yeah, five re-recorded songs, and the sum total is more compelling than that Wilco album everyoneís got their underwear all tangled up about.