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Beastie Boys - Hello Nasty
(Grand Royal/Capitol)

They canít and they wonít and they donít stop. These Boys from Brooklyn keep getting older, but they havenít lost the skills to play this young manís game. In the four years since Ill Communication, Beck burst onto the scene with a pair of albums that owed an unpayable debt to Paulís Boutique, and the í90s would never be the same again. At this point, itís tough to tell whoís influencing who. Better to think of it as more of a Beatles-Beach Boys rivalry, in which similarly gifted artists spur each other on to great artistic heights.

And thereís three of them, but theyíre not The Beatles. Nasty takes the groupís sound in a more atmospheric direction. Oh, on tracks like "Remote Control" and "Body Moviní" you better believe it still rocks. But there are no punk tunes Š lŠ "Time For Liviní," say. They go Brazilian brilliantly on "I Donít Know," and enlist the help of dub reggae legend Lee "Scratch" Perry for "Dr. Lee, PhD." "Intergalactic" is a good dance single, perhaps not quite up to the normally sky-high Beastie standards, but it does contain the line, "Iíll stir-fry you in my wok." These guys do chicken right. Turns out that nasty boys do mean a thing.