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Pulsars - Pulsars

Whap, bap, blap, zap; Pulsars rule.

No amount of hemming and hawing will convince anyone of this phenomenon which must be heard to be believed. Chicago's technology-obsessed Trumfio brothers have laid down the new wave pop album of the year. Yeah, they're clever boys all right, but they know where to draw the line, too—so if could-be children's songs like "Silicon Teens" and "My Pet Robot" are too cute for you, perhaps it is time for you to reevaluate just how seriously you take yourself. This perfect record is relentless. It's just one rolling synth-pop landscape after another. Heaven-sent stuff, and no less an authority than its guest trumpeter, Mr. Herb Alpert, will vouch for it; who cares if he owns Almo, the record company which released it.

Amazing. It's like the '90s never happened.