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Skanatra - It's Happy Hour Somewhere

If Skanatra is the most inevitable cover band to come straight outta Hoboken, it is also the best. On their third album, "I’ve Got The World On A String," "The Best Is Yet To Come," and more of Francis Albert’s greatest hits are rearranged in classic Jamaica styley, transcending the thick schtick from which these versions spring. Interpolating The Bay City Rollers into a Musical Youth-esque version of "Saturday Night (Is The Loneliest Night Of The Week)" is a masterstroke that few could pull off with aplomb, but these indie rock vets—who remain anonymous but are rumored to have starred in such notable N.J. bands as The Fundamentals and The Gefkens—do just that. Plus, they’d kick Dread Zeppelin’s ass in a street fight.