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Green Rooftops - The Golden Hour

The latest album from this four-piece group of New York pop aficionados who all write and sing explores a variety of pop song forms, all of them effectively. It’s when they reach back to the ‘60s for inspiration, though, that the songs coalesce best. Opening track "Do You Still Dream" picks up sonically where Tommy James’ "Crimson & Clover" left off—play ‘em back-to-back. "Until Tomorrow" is positively Monkeesesque, and borrows an opening guitar bit that, if not related to The Who’s "Glow Girl," could certainly pass for it in a police lineup. Even where the musical points of reference are more recent—"Woman In Love" sounds like a Sundays song wise beyond its years—the mix is cohesive. Neat stuff. address: www.cropduster.comCropduster Records